Trey Crouch

CEO Trey’s Wheels on Credit.

Dawn Fotopulos has the eyes and ears of a SuperHero, the brain of a super computer.

She also has the heart of a lioness which she passionately uses to improve the lives of entrepreneurs like myself or intrapreneurs working in large companies.

After 28 years in the automobile business, she showed me how to correctly drive my business into the next chapter and I feel empowered to mash the gas like a NYC cabdriver.

As a board member of the Texas Independent Auto Dealers Association, we hired Dawn to teach our dealers the same strategy.

She ran two different breakout sessions at our annual conference; one on Finance for Numberphobes and the other Preparing for the Pivot for Autodealers in the Buy Here Pay Here business (the riskiest used car segment).

This petite blond woman shows up to address a large group of salty auto dealers and earns their respect almost immediately.  (She did extensive research before arriving and it showed.)

She hit it out of the ballpark based on participant responses. Three months later, people who attended said she was one of the best speakers we had at the conference.

Spending an hour with Dawn Fotopulos is the best business investment any board member or event planner can make. She doesn’t just engage the audience; she changes people futures.