Ted Alvia

Small businesses represent 99.7% of all employers in the United States.
Entrepreneurship is one of the most grueling, frightening, depressing and lonely endeavors while simultaneously being deeply rewarding, positively impacting customers, employees and community.
My wife Rachel and I, co-owners of a wedding dress design company, had the pleasure of meeting with Dawn and I am a huge fan of her bestselling book, Accounting for the Numberphobic.
The encouragement, wisdom and advice we’ve received from Dawn is absolutely 1000x’s worth her book and teachings.
She conveys financial concepts in a creative way that is also specific and doesn’t shy away from tough questions and decisions.
Numbers from our books tell a story and for a long time, that story I told myself, was shaming and defeating narrative. Dawn is a world-class story-teller.
Her straightforward and systematic teaching was not just encouraging but it was very motivating. For the first time in my life I am looking at the numbers and not judging “What am I lacking? / Where have I failed?”
Instead I am looking at the accounting books as a tool to read the health of the precious organization that we’ve started. One where we get the privilege of working with customers dresses on some of their most important moments in life.
I continuously go back to her book as a handbook and a source of coaching/mentoring.
I believe in Dawn’s mission to cut the failure rate of small businesses in half.
And for anyone that is starting a business or entrepreneurship, having a solid understanding of the Financial Dashboard is an absolute must.