Mike Zumchak

Director of Training, Easy Excel Classes NYC.com.

People don’t often make the connection between their daily activities and their business metrics. Dawn Fotopulos solves this problem in her seminars.

As a master storyteller, she uses humor and her wealth of business experiences to bring an otherwise dull subject to life.  

Dawn is a seasoned senior executive and entrepreneur who knows her craft and truly loves her audience.

She speaks with the authority and cadence of a Fortune 500 CEO while maintaining the warmth and connection of your most beloved college professor.

After a seminar, Dawn often welcomes her participants into her inner circle. The connections last a lifetime.

When I first had the pleasure to see Dawn address a large audience, I was struck by her command of the room.

She made us think, she made us laugh, and she delivered a powerful message. As a fellow Wall Street refugee and full-time public speaker, I take special notice when I’m in the presence of a master.

Dawn, simply put, is world-class.