Ivana Taylor

CEO DIY Marketers

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Dawn Fotopulos a few times around the topic of her award-winning book “Accounting for the Numberphobic; A Survival Guide….”

The book is illustrated by Disney artist Ron Bucalo and is a brilliant romp through the basics of small business accounting and finance to make better business decisions.

It’s the only book on accounting that will make you laugh.  

But Dawn Fotopulos LIVE is something bigger and better on a whole other level.

The humor and passion she brings to the subject is rooted in her commitment to helping businesses succeed by simply seeing and understanding the story their financial reports are telling them.

If finance is the heart and lifeblood of your business, your financial reports are the pulse and Dawn Fotopulos is the doctor that helps it all make sense.  

Your marketing and sales departments will finally be able to speak the same language as your CFO.

Your executive teams, including marketing, HR and sales, will finally be rowing in the same direction because they’ll understand the big picture.

No one gets everyone on the same page faster or with breakthrough humor like Dawn. Every business needs this.