Christine Janssen

As the Director of the Entrepreneurship program at Fordham University, Dawn Fotopulos is one of my go-to speakers to enhance my classes and overall program.
She has spoken to my students in individual classes (both undergraduate and graduate) and has been a featured speaker several times at some of our larger campus-wide conferences, including Smart Women Securities, Women in Leadership, and TrepCon – our annual Entrepreneurship conference.
She has a true gift for explaining accounting and related strategies to our future entrepreneurs and small business owners.
In addition, I include Dawn’s book “Accounting for the Numberphobic” as required reading in my introductory undergraduate Entrepreneurship course.
It is brilliantly written and helps students appreciate the importance of understanding their numbers to keep their future businesses alive and thriving. It’s far from an Accounting textbook; it’s a practical guide for savvy business management.
Aside from her intellect and experience, one of Dawn’s greatest strengths is in the way she presents her materials, examples and makes her discussions relevant for each audience.
She is an engaging and empowering speaker who I will continue to invite back to Fordham year after year.