Kim Ann Curtin

Whenever Dawn Fotopulos opens her mouth, everyone takes notes. Whether she’s talking about Leadership for Introverts, How to Kill the Company in Four Short Weeks, or Sales Budget Boogie, she’s a genius at taking complex ideas and making them funny and accessible for everyone in the organization. Dawn’s talks provide the catalyst for positive change in any organization.
Her senior executive experience as a line manager in five industries and turnaround specialist at a large global bank gives her deep insight into the challenges that cause friction in building customer relationships and keeping your team at peak performance. Her talks leave the audience not just with inspiration but a road map to do things better when they get back to the office.
Dawn Fotopulos is known for the extensive research she does on the industry and company before she delivers a powerful message. She’s effective because she knows her audience well and the pressures they face intimately before she takes the stage. The audience knows the difference.
Dawn is a world-class story teller and through these stories delivers extraordinary OMG moments.
No matter how large the audience, her down to earth speaking style is so comfortable, you feel like she’s speaking just to you; like you’re receiving great wisdom from a close friend.
The real test of a great speaker is if the people listening remember key takeaways months later. Anyone I’ve spoken to who has heard Dawn Fotopulos speak always wants to hear more.
If you need someone to deliver real value brilliantly and consistently, hire this woman.