Carla Practico

CEO Polus Digital

When I first heard Dawn speak, I was two years into running a business that was on a cash flow roller-coaster.  After just one session with Dawn, I felt the fears, insecurities, and confusion around my numbers drip right off of me.

I spent three weeks listening to Dawn pour her heart out about how to build a profitable business and completed the course with the Levin Institute feeling like I had gotten a very practical MBA. She was, hands down, the most effective speaker there.

I was empowered and encouraged to make some tweaks in how I was running my business and managing my finances. Within two years of that life changing encounter with Dawn, I have doubled my revenue (and income), while working fewer hours. And not only that, but I am now helping other new business owners do the same.

Dawn’s message is infectious; it revived my hope and I am certain it has the power to do the same for an entire generation of business owners and their employees.