Whether she’s addressing senior executives at The American Management Association, accounting professionals at Scaling New Heights in the Bahamas, or facilitating an intimate workshop for the Entrepreneur’s Organization, Ms. Fotopulos delivers.

Humor, pathos, decades of executive-level and entrepreneurial experience can’t be faked.

“I had a much richer conversation with my client than I would have before I heard you speak. It made my day! Thank you!” Hal C. Intuit ProAdvisor, CPA

If you want an entertainer that your audience forgets, hire others. If you want you audience to have a better future, hire Dawn Fotopulos for your next event.

Speaking Topics

How to kill the company in four short weeks?

There are millions of books that point the way to managing well, but few in business are listening. When Dawn Fotopulos challenges your employees to view how to guarantee failure in business, a "Screwtape Letters" approach to management, it forces their brains off of autopilot, makes audience members laugh and gets them to look squarely at reality in the mirror.

This presentation has received standing ovations in North America and Eastern Europe. Both for profit and nonprofit organizations have seen almost overnight results after they have heard these key, results-generating ideas. This talk can be presented as a customized 60-minute keynote, a 90 minute interactive breakout session or a hands-on, 3-hour workshop.

Leadership in introverts

Jim Collins of "Good to Great"fame says every company needs Level 5 leaders and that most are made, not born.

This presentation smashes common Western assumptions that leaders are extroverts, ego-driven and "out front."

This reaches managers at all levels of the organization to identify their Level 5 potentials and the unconventional people hidden in their organization, that if developed, could turbo-charge the future of the business.

Audiences will hear stories of underperformers becoming superstars, failing businesses hitting the J-curve; salespeople will overshoot expectations after hearing this talk! Humor, pathos, wit and world-class experience turning around 300 businesses with the content of this presentation.

If you care about future profits, and engaging the hearts and minds of your managers and staff, you cannot miss this!

Customer services - The killer app

Based on Harvard Business School case studies and research, this talk gives managers and senior executives OMG revelations about how their Customer Service units are the single most important operating unit in their entire company.

Dawn shows audience members, by the numbers, how retention, repeat purchases and referrals will exponentially grow revenues and bottom line.

Using examples  from Dell Computer, Service Master and Progressive Insurance Company, Dawn reveals how to leverage Customer Service representatives to make any company's client base bullet-proof to competition.

Financial literacy for numberphobes

"My accountant deals with numbers..."  "I'd rather spend the weekend with my mother-in-law!"

Few entrepreneurs like the numbers, but they ARE the global positioning satellite for running a business. Dawn takes accounting and makes it fun. Her goal: to double business survival rates. This program has been presented to accolades at the Levin Institute in New York City and Entrepreneur's Organization.

Independent sales people in real estate, travel, insurance and financial services don't understand they are business owners, not just sales people. Customized breakout sessions and workshops have been developed for these hired gun constituencies.

Participants will learn:

  • How to work half as hard and make twice the money
  • How to know if a client is profitable or not and how to build a profitable client portfolio
  • How to never forget how to tell if a product or service is profitable and what to do about it if it isn't.

Women in Business, incubators, Shark Tank-type pitch conferences are perfect platforms for this talk in a workshop or breakout environment.

Keynote versions have been given to Chambers of Commerce, The Texas Independent Auto Dealer's Association, and Women's President's Organization.

Sales Budget Boogie

How to build sales budgets that are aggressive, achievable, and relevant.

This talk is about strategy and is pitched to C-P level executives as well as field sales staff. It will take the audience through a bottoms up approach to sales budget development to get corporate and field staff on the same page.

Sales goals will become a shared vision and not just a tops down exercise in futility.

My experience as a line manager of a $130 million dollar business at Citigroup and 25 years as a consultant to major profit and non-profit companies will be used as examples of what is possible in their organizations.

The companies who apply these proprietary principles will achieve more, make more money and retain their best sales staff.

Cash Is Not King - It's Emperor!

This talk was originally given in webinar format for Cox Small Business Network. If blood is to your body as cash is to your business, then managing cash is mission critical.

Few businesses do this well. Dawn's award-winning book, "Accounting for the Numberphobic; A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners," AMACOM Books (Best Business Book of 2015 Small Business Trends) is the guiding text for this talk that has saved hundreds of businesses from bankruptcy.

  • How to negotiate the purchase order, pricing and payment terms upfront
  • Your invoice is a marketing tool- use it!
  • Keeping track of who owes you money
  • Collecting without a migraine

Business owners and managers have said, "I took your advice and I actually got paid! I couldn't believe it!"

How Disneyland Trains Street Sweepers: Creating An Unbeatable Customer Experience

Too often we look at the big picture forgetting that impressions and memories are made on the ground in the small interactions. The Disney Company understands this profoundly. Everyone from the lowest paid to the highest paid is trained, as part of their corporate culture, to engage, listen and respond to visitors.

This includes answering questions, providing directions, making suggestions for the best photo op, the best ice cream and planning ahead to watch to end of day parade.

This talk uses Disney's ethos and applies it to the travel and tourism industry's "boots on the ground" for education, inspiration and application. These are the building blocks for creating an unforgettable visitor experience in ways that don't require large monetary investments.

  • Street sweepers are market researchers- what do visitors need? Care about? Best place to take pictures!
  • "The happiest place on earth"- is your claim true?
  • Where is your "happy place"?
  • What's your tag line? How do you know it's true?
  • Building evidence through stories
  • Capturing images, emotions, memories real-time
  • Co-creating with visitors to help tell your story; visitor life events
  • When do we need beauty, adventure, new understanding, refreshment?
  • Dawn's Seacloud story: "you gotta get out of this city"
  • Every city dweller needs a break
  • Running away or running toward?
  • Hotel owners, restaurant owners, gallery, tour guides- take the time to listen
  • Don't observe visitors- come alongside them and hear their stories
  • Don't just serve visitors- honor and celebrate them!
Expectations Vs. Reality: Creating The Ultimate Visitor Experience

"I've always wanted to...." Visit a part of the world, climb a mountain, go zip lining through the rainforest, see how the best wine in the world is made, visit the Pacific Coast, rugged and unspoiled. When someone has a dream they have expectations in their mind as to what the reality will be like.  Most expectations are built on dreams not reality. Most expectations are never met.

But what if we could understand our visitors so well, that the reality is far better than anything they could have ever expected? What if we could find ways to welcome visitors so warmly that they had a tear in their eye when they went home knowing they left a part of themselves behind?

This talk is designed to help all facets of the travel and tourism industry stop telling and selling and start listening to the experience your visitors are aching for but can't articulate. It's a new way of engaging a tourist and helping them feel like an insider soon after they arrive. It's a way of communicating new possibilities they hadn't thought about and instead of meeting expectations, you delight them with surprises and inspiration they never knew was waiting.

  • Where visitors are coming from
  • What visitors are looking forward to; how do we put a lai around everyone's neck?
  • Not all visitors are created equal; segment your visitors to tailor the experience
  • Expectations vs. Reality; bridging the gap
  • Carving your name in a tree; leaving a piece of your heart behind
Are You A Host Or An Ambassador? Give Your Visitors A "Blast"

Hosts are busy people. There's a lot to do when a visitor arrives either to slumber, tour, explore or dine. What if there's a new way of being when they arrive? What if the real hospitality comes from the "how" you do what you do instead of "what"? This talk will inspire travel and tourism professionals to think of themselves in a completely different way and to treat their visitors like honored guests, not just revenue streams.

Ambassadors are standard bearers; they are keepers of the reputation of a region with history, culture, and promise. Every ambassador in the world reveres history's significance, records the present for posterity and invests in the future to bequeath to the next generation. This inspiring talk will convert participants from hosts to ambassadors with a renewed vision for the importance of their role and new and creative ways to embrace it fully.

  • Be clear on your mission; repeat visitors who become apostles
  • It's not what you do but how you do it that matters
  • Missed opportunities are new opportunities
  • B.L.A.S.T.
  • Build expectations before arrival; 90% of impressions are made before arrival.
  • Listen; what matters to them; needs, concerns, dreams before arrival and during stay.
  • Act; on risks and opportunities
  • Suggest; build a profile of what brings them joy; the visitor thinks they know.
  • Time to celebrate and wave handkerchiefs from the dock...
Way-finding: The Ultimate Guide For Repeat Visitors

All tourists are moving away from something and toward something else- "bucket lists" "dream vacations" and "a day in the life" are all about aspirations before we leave this planet.

All humans need a way to beam out of their everyday lives to reach for something extraordinary, beautiful, inspiring, refreshing and memorable. The travel and tourism industry is the only industry that has the capability of making dreams accessible to everyone, even people on a budget or those who are not seasoned travelers. Life is not just about "rise and grind". There's beauty, music, vistas, unconquered territory that speaks to our souls.

Instead of "selling" new visitors, let's inspire them, woo them, and hear and capture their stories so we can inspire others with them. And instead of tourists, let's convert them into locals by the time they leave. Let's make their stories part of our larger history and build emotional ties so strong, they can't wait to come back and to share their experience with friends and family.

This talk will inspire way-finding for those who enable visitors to make this life-long memories.

  • Answer "why"
  • Mind of the visitor; where they're coming from
  • What they're reaching for; dreams, rest, memory, refreshment, joy
  • Reach the heart; the mind remembers
  • Your corner of Eden; the reals gifts are free
  • Recording stories three "R's"; remembrance, romance, re-visit
  • You're not Disneyland; You're the real deal

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Dawn Fotopulos encourages hundreds of entrepreneurs that there is hope.

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Cash is not king it is emperor

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