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3 Keys to Build Your Brand

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Dawn Fotopulos

If I see one more Facebook ad that talks about how to build your “brand” I will engage in primal scream therapy. […]

A CPA’s Real Job

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Dawn Fotopulos

Ever wondered what a CPA’s real job is? CPAs think their important job is to complete and file clients’ taxes during tax […]

Three Ways to Cut Expenses

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Dawn Fotopulos

Are you on a mission to cut expenses too? I’m on a mission to cut expenses this year. Truth be told, I’ve […]

  • Carla Practico

    Within two years of that life changing encounter with Dawn, I have doubled my revenue […]

  • Ivana Taylor

    The humor and passion she brings to the subject is rooted in her commitment to helping businesses succeed […]

  • Diane DiResta

    Dawn is the only speaker I know who can make accounting sound exciting […]

  • Mike Zumchak

    She made us think, she made us laugh, and she delivered a powerful message […]

  • Trey Crouch

    Dawn Fotopulos has the eyes and ears of a SuperHero, the brain of a super computer. […]

  • Mike MIchaliowicz

    It was great seeing Dawn at Scaling New Heights […]

  • Chris Phoenix

    I count Dawn Fotopulos as the most high value, best take away, most directly actionable speaker to date […]

  • Christine Janssen

    As the Director of the Entrepreneurship program at Fordham University, Dawn Fotopulos is one of my go-to speakers to enhance my classes […]

  • Kim Ann Curtin

    Whenever Dawn Fotopulos opens her mouth, everyone takes notes. Whether she’s talking about Leadership for Introverts, How to Kill the Company in […]

  • Ted Alvia

    Small businesses represent 99.7% of all employers in the United States. Entrepreneurship is one of the most grueling, frightening, depressing and lonely […]